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Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 6, Issue 6 Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 7, Issue 2 Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 7, Issue 3 Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 7, Issue 5 https:/ Current Research Studies on Obesity and Eating Disorders pstrongspan stylefontsize100ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotGillian Adamsspanspanstrongp https:/ Anthropometry Measurements of Obesity and Causes p classMsoBodyTextFirstIndent styletextindent0in textalignjustify margintop8px marginbottom8pxspan stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotSK Lhachimispanspanp Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ Create NonCellular Structures Such as Hair Scales Feathers and ExoskeletonsRoyall Ayten pRoyall Aytenp https:/ A Balanced Diet Provides a Variety of Micronutrients pSukkahs Herculesp https:/ Actin and Myosin in Muscle and the Proteins in the Cytoskeleton pScott Welakp https:/ The Absorption of Iodine and Impair the Function of the Thyroid Gland pIoanna Giroux Reevesp https:/ Chemical Impurities in Food are often not affected by Heat Treatment pDeborah Patrickp Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ The Effect of Stoutness on Mental Prosperity and Health Record Richard Howard https:/ Regenerative Endocrinology and Fruitlessness Subspecialists Robert Kevin https:/ The Occurrence and Burden of Hypophosphatasia in an Ambulatory Care Endocrinology Practice Alexander Williams https:/ Vascular Aggravation and Impeded Turn around Cholesterol Transport and Lipid Digestion Jiayi Ma https:/ Effect of Exercise on Overnight Glycemic Control in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Peter Board Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ Its Psychometric Properties Were Inspected Fumiko Yoshida https:/ The Patient Was Treated With Anticancer Medications Enhanced With Kampo Drugs Joseph Uchida https:/ Female University Competitors are a HighRisk Bunch for Confused Eating VioletaSatogami https:/ Dissimilar to Hereditarily Altered Fat Creatures DietIncited Corpulent Models Copy Many Elements of Human Weight Masato Miho https:/ Cardiovascular Infection is the One of the Main Sources of Mortality and Grimness around the World Kishi Nakamura Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 8, Issue 4 https:/ Heart Cachexia is a Compulsory and Moderate Deficiency of Weight Arisa Kashiwagi https:/ StarvationInstigated Steatosis was Proposed to be Managed by Lipophagy Kuniya Nogami https:/ Prevalence of low skeletal muscle mass following bariatric surgery A computational systems biology analysis Deonikar Ayyadurai https:/ Hard Distensions Emerging from Development Plates on Lengthy Bones during Skeletal Turn of Events Huffman Kumagai https:/ The Geographic Area of Treatment Would Affect BMI Changes during Long Term Mental Treatment Ushijima Shuji Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ DietInduced Corpulent Models in Contrast to Hereditarily Altered Fat Creatures Imitate many Aspects of Human Weight Mihoshi Thushi https:/ Infection of the Cardiovascular System is One of the Most Common Causes of Death and Disease Worldwide Nakishi Jeanz https:/ Heart Cachexia is a Moderately Compulsive Weight Loss Disorder Wagi Arisa https:/ Low Skeletal Muscle Mass Prevalence Following Bariatric Surgery An Investigation of Computational Systems Biology Nikar Durali https:/ Changes in BMI during LongTerm Mental Treatment would be Influenced by the Treatment Area Shijima Kosika Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 8, Issue 6 https:/ Anorexia Nervosa and Obesity in Later Life have been Linked to Abnormal Growth in Childhood James Luke https:/ Common Clustering Assignment Regularization is Adopted to Explore the Consistency among Multiple Views Liping Dong https:/ Patients with Mental Comorbidity had a Triple Odds Ratios for Psychopharmacological Drug Kylie Carroll https:/ Existing Devices for Immediate or Circuitous Skeletal Muscle Estimation Gong Yanbing https:/ The NonCardiac Mortality Rate was Higher in Patients at High Risk of Malnutrition Hikaru Tanaka Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 9, Issue 1 https:/ Weight and Race Bias as a Risk Factors to the UnderAssessment and UnderTreatment of Eating Disorders A Case Example Stacie Leev Woodland https:/ Weight Gain and the Development of Human Resources Francis Franklin https:/ Obesity and Immune Dysfunction in Children Chuhan Fung https:/ Adolescence Weight and Food Compulsion Andrew Stokes https:/ General Flourishing Mediations Managing Preadulthood Obesity Hannah Mitchell https:/ Dying To Eat The UnderAssessment of Eating Disorders in Marginalized Communities Stacie Leev Woodland https:/ Bodyweight and Human Capital Development Sorbhan George https:/ Immune Dysfunction on Childhood Obesity Xing Lee https:/ Childhood Obesity and Food Addiction Annie Anthony https:/ General Wellbeing Mediations Handling Childhood Obesity Jonah Demora Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 9, Issue 3 https:/ Anorexia Nervosa and Obesity Linked to Abnormal Growth in Childhood Luke Matthew https:/ Correlation of Eating Disorder Related Psychiatric Impairment Selkie Giner https:/ Common Link of Artificial Light at Night with Obesity Silvan Andrew https:/ Effects of Serum Uric Acid with Cardiovascular Disease Hazard in Obesity Keto Huyi https:/ Association Between Body Composition Standards and Disordered Eating Among ActiveDuty Service Women Jessica KoronaBailey1,2, Amanda Banaag1,2, Jasmine Walker1, Stephanie Fortin1, Megan Eyeler1 and Tracey Perez Koehlmoos1 https:/ Prevalence and Associated Factors Affecting Overweight and Obesity among First Year Medical Students in Dire Dawa University Eastern Ethiopia Wubshet Mogess Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 9, Issue 2 https:/ Relationship among Harmful Development and Results in Patients with Ischemic Stroke Hujng Choi https:/ Lipophagy Impacted StarvationProvoked Steatosis Kuya Nomi https:/ Pervasiveness of Low Skeletal Bulk Following Bariatric Medical Procedure Dikar Yadurai https:/ Advancement Plates on Extensive Bones during Skeletal New Development Kuffman Humagai https:/ Long Term Mental Treatment would Affect BMI Changes Shima Shuji https:/ Emotional Inductive and Objective Assessments Andrews Samson https:/ Pancreatic Sickness and Frontal Cortex Dangerous Development Treated with Kampo Solutions Uriyum Chui https:/ Females Not Entirely Settled by Their Lower Weight Record Violet Samotgami https:/ DietInduced Chunky Models Duplicate Numerous Components of Human Weight Masatol Mihoz https:/ Cardiovascular Disease is the One of the Primary Wellsprings of Mortality Keyshi Namura Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 9, Issue 4 https:/ Is the Prevalence of Eating Pathology and Intense Body Dissatisfaction in Communities of Color Comparable to a Nationally Representative Sample of United States Adults Stacie Leev Woodland and Kate P Lufkin https:/ Dietary Problems can Appear in Different Body Types Daeron Riaz https:/ General Public Frequently Trashes and Misrepresents the Causes of Weight Rose Angelina https:/ Sustenance Screening and Food Assessment of Malnutrition William Steve https:/ DNA Levels as Biomarker in Patients with Eating Disorders Sinha Samrat https:/ Obesity and Immune Disorders in Youngsters Ching Luin https:/ Factors in Eating Disorder and Comorbid Internalizing Symptomatology Eating Disorder https:/ A Typical Connection for Obesity and Cancer of Light at Night Muscogi Cola https:/ Inclusion in the Fields of Nutrition and Obesity Martin Samata https:/ Ramifications of Serum Uric Acid with Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Obesity Kosama Dai Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 10, Issue 1 https:/ Impact of Ozone Exposure on Metabolic Health Yie Zhung https:/ Advancing Eating Disorder Care A Comprehensive Review of Staging Models Domba Beile https:/ Insights from Specialized Outpatient Care of Deciphering Malnutrition Catricia Gaduva https:/ GutMuscle Axis Implications for Malnutrition in Hospitalized Older Adults Maloz Fernandez https:/ Symptoms of Cognitive Styles and Disordered Eating from Subclinical Samples Cristiana Partinella https:/ The Link between Mediterranean Diet Quality and Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Abdul Sayyad https:/ Clarifying Terminology and Protocol Differentiation in Ketogenic Diets Gunlie Wetti https:/ Predictive Seyssel Model for Early Detection of Surgical Nonresponse Following RYGB Surgery Gernhard Agger https:/ Type 2 Diabetes is Associated with Higher Risk of Several Cancer Types Remma Vincent https:/ Correlation between ABORh Blood Groups and Obesity in Young Medical Students at UmAlqura University Makkah AlMukaramah Saudi Arabia Waheeb Alharbi1, Wisal Abbas1,2 and Sirajedin S Natah1,3 Journal of Obesity & Eating Disorders Volume 7, Issue 1