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Obesity-Related Inflammation and COVID-19 Prognosis: Is the White Adipose the Villain?

The emergence novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19) has become a worldwide pandemic health threat, causing severe respiratory syndrome in humans1. COVID-19 effects, which were first observed in the respiratory tract, are continuously being found and characterised in different organs, and the disease now considered systemic 2. Recent studies show COVID-19 to have repercussions in the heart3, central nervous system4, liver5, and kidneys6. Also, it is becoming increasingly clear that the presence of comorbidities is associated with COVID-19 severity and lethality10.36648/2471-8203.6.3.100051


Joanna Correia Lima*, Estefania Simoes , Paula Paccielli Freire , Marilia Seelaender

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